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Don't worry if your device is faulty, at Gr8 we love broken phones simply sell it, send it, we'll test it and confirm your price.


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We have four really simple ways to send us your mobile phone. 

Print at home Royal Mail Label

Postage Pack

Use your own courier

Our Freepost options come with free £100 loss insurance. 


If your device is worth more than that and you want to be fully insured we suggest you use Royal Mail Special Delivery service which includes insurance upto £500. 


To do this you will need to take your package to the post office and purchase the Special Delivery postage and ship to us at our address below.  More details on our Free Shipping options can be seen here


Once we receive your device you will get notification the moment we get it so you know your device has arrived safely.


 It will then go through our inspection room to be tested by one of our highly trained device technicians. Once it has been tested we will hen update your order for payment.

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At Gr8 Mobile we are committed to paying you for your device as fast as we can. 


That means we use bank transfer or PayPal to allow you to receive your money within what is normally just a few minutes but up to 2 hours of us sending it.


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