Answers to our most frequently asked questions

Buy Back Range

At the moment we are only accepting mobile phones, However this may change in the future, keep checking our website for more info.
Device Condition Definitions

Device can be cracked and/or chipped but must be intact.

LCD Must be fully functional.

Device must not be bent.

All functions on the device will be working and must pass the minimum acceptable level.

Device must power on.

Face ID/Touch ID must work.

Home button must not be cracked.

Device must show no signs of liquid damage.

Device must be removed from any iCloud/Samsung/Google accounts.

Device must not have any components missing.

Device must not be bent.

Device must not be blacklisted.

Device must have no board level faults.

Prices quoted for “Broken Condition” devices are given based on the device being in a broken cosmetic condition and fully functional.

Gr8 Mobile will always try and offer you the best price should your device not meet the above criteria. If the customer is not satisfied with any of the revised prices that are offered the customer must be aware that a £10.00 admin fee will be applied to return the device to the customer.

Gr8 Mobile  has the right to withdraw any offer after the original quote should it be later found that after the device has been put through our 56-point test it is not a true reflection of what the customer stated originally. If this happens Gr8 Mobile will get in contact with the customer to firstly explain what discrepancies were found and offer a fair revised price.

Please click on "Login" at the top of our Home page.
You will be prompted to enter your email address and Password.

Please click on "Login" at the top of our Home page.
and simply go to Settings 

If you forget your password, please click onto My Account at the top of our home page.
Enter the e-mail address associated with your Gr8 Mobile account, then click Submit.  We'll email you, where you can easily create a new password.

Click on "TRACK" at the top of the page and entering your email address and order reference or by clicking onto "My Account" at the top tool bar of our website.
Log in with your Email Address and Password.

All information collected is encrypted to ISO/IEC 27001 date security standards. 

All the information we ask for, when you place your order is essential for us to process your order and keep you upto date.
We do not sell, rent or otherwise pass on any of your details to other parties.

The Phone

A print out of either your email confirmation or the letter contained in your postage pack.*  

*We need the order reference to book your device in.


When ordering you can either select to print at home freepost Royal Mail label or for us to send you a postage pack. 

Print at home label - Simply print off the label, securely package the item, add the label to your package then take to your local Post Office.

Postage Pack - We will ship out the postage pack to you as soon as possible, this should be with you within a few days.  Once you have received your pack all you need to to is pack up your device in the bag provided including your despatch note, apply the label provided then take to your local Post Office.

Gr8 Mobile will supply you a Prepaid label.

*The postage we supply insures your parcel for you to £100.  If your device is worth more, we recommend you send it via Special Delivery.  We cannot accept responsibility for non-delivery of phones or phones damaged in transit so please make sure you pack them correctly.

Please select your model and complete the sales order, you will then have option for a sales pack to be sent out to you.

Please send your device(s) within 14 days of your online order.
Orders over 14 days will Expire.

Expired order will need to be resubmitted
Simply login to My Account and Add New Order.
and there is no need to re-input your details.

Gr8 Mobile will supply you a Prepaid label.

*The postage we supply insures your parcel for you to £100.  If your device is worth more, we recommend you send it via Special Delivery.  We cannot accept responsibility for non-delivery of phones or phones damaged in transit so please make sure you pack them correctly.

We are automated!
Our system will send you an email notification when your device(s) have arrived.
When using the FreePost service, it should take upto 2 working days to be delivered to Gr8 Mobile 

No, sorry we are currently only offering our service to UK based customers.

Your payment is processed within 24hrs from the date we test and confirm your devices.

You will be notified by email, at each stage of the process from start to end.  Alternatively you are also able to get updates and payment status anytime by logging into your account online.

If you have not received your payment within 5 days,
please contact our Customer Support Team by email or phone:
01270 445544

What Model

The IMEI number found by going to the Telephone KeyPad.
1. Press *#06# on your keypad.
2.Press the call button
3. Your IMEI number will be displayed on your screen.

Your IMEI can also be found on the SIM tray of your device.

Cloud Locks


Step 1

Go to and sign in with your Apple ID.

Step 2

Navigate to Find My iPhone and at the top of the screen click on All Devices.

Step 3

Select the iPhone you want to remove from your iCloud account.

Step 4

Click Remove from Account.

From the Device:

Step 1

Navigate to Settings on your iPhone and tap on your user profile at the top.

Step 2

Enter your Apple ID password if requested to sign into your iCloud.

Step 3

Scroll down and tap on Sign Out at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4

Enter your Apple ID password and tap Turn Off.

Step 5

Carefully read the information presented and tap Sign Out.

Step 6

Tap Sign Out on the confirmation message.
iPhone Model

Locate the IMEI or serial number of your device
and go to this great website
Other Questions

Gr8 Mobile will only honour the Buy-Back price if you are the rightful owner.
If any device(s) have been reported lost or stolen,
Gr8 Mobile will not process payment the device(s).

*The lost/stolen device will be destroyed.

Counterfeit/fake devices sent will be destroyed.
No payment will be made.

If your device fails our testing (differs from what you have stated), we will contact you by email.
Prices quoted for broken devices are given based on a cosmetically damaged but fully functional device. 
If your device is found to have multiple faults or both functional faults and cosmetic damage, we may provide a revised quote to you. 
For details on our deductions please see our Device Criteria Guide.

You will be given the option to accept the adjusted price, or have your device(s) returned.
Please be aware there is a £10 admin fee for the return of your product(s).
If we haven't heard from you after 3 days, we will continue to process the device at our adjusted price.
Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details.

All devices are automatically erased by our testing software.